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About us

Tiny Hotels Group has acquired TINYA (builder of smart tiny houses) to develop a global sustainable hotel chain made up of private tiny houses.

Tiny Hotels Group collaborates with international investors, family offices, investment funds, private banks, celebrities and soccer players to create resorts in very beautiful locations.

We are an innovative company with a real technological and marketing background and we aim to move the lines in a pleasant industry.

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Who are we

Tiny Hotels Group was born from the association of 5 personalities each expert in their field. The first is an international digital marketing expert who has been a leader in influencer marketing. The second is a soccer player agent who brings over a thousand contacts from the soccer industry. The third and the fourth are international soccer players and the fifth is an expert in hotels and tiny houses construction.

Our expertise

Architecture, construction, guest accommodation, catering, accounting, management, legal, finance, marketing, celebrity endorsement, blockchain and digital.


Our engagements


We are committed to :

  • preserve nature when we set up a hotel,

  • offer premium collaboration conditions to our local teams and employees.

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